Power unit Pulsar

Power unit Pulsar

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TIPONIC power supply - an innovative device supplying tattoo machines.

This modern power supply is operated with a single, multi-functional button. Voltage regulation is done by turning the button / knob, which is also used to turn on / off the device. The button also has the function of starting the MAINTAINED mode (continuous operation). There is also the possibility of connecting a footswitch / starter, which will enable traditional turning on and off the machine.
Thick silicone in the base ensures stability and eliminates unwanted shifts of the power supply.

Technical data:
• Compatible with all coil and rotary machines.
• One button for all settings
• MAINTAINED mode (continuous operation).
• Possible operation without connecting an external footswitch.
• Voltage display (2 - 12 V).
• 2 AMP.
• Silicone base for use on various surfaces.
• Dimensions: height: 4.3 cm, width: 7.7 cm.
• Weight: 90g

• Color to choose from list.

12 months warranty.
Ars Tattoo is the only distributor of original Tiponic power supplies.

  • Power unit Pulsar