Wegwerp steriele workstation 24 (5stuks)

  • Productcode: WORSTA24

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Ready in Seconds

Easily connect the three parts together and that’s it!


    2 Spaces for water/glasses

    To keep your glasses in place or to be filled directly with water.


    Dedicated compartments for cream/vaseline

    EVO10 has 1 space. EVO24 has got 2, where you can place your preferred Tattoo cream.


    Disposable, Sterile, Hygienic

    Once finished tattooing, use the flat tray as a lid to close EVO and throw everything away in one single move!


    Customisable with your Logo

    You can have it printed with your logo or your sponsor’s. Cool to show off at any Tattoo Convention.


    10/24 Cups for Colors

    No more mess with your precious Tattoo Inks.


    Needle Cartridges Holder

    6 or 8 compartments to safely keep your needles ready to use.


    Suitable for Left and Right-handed

    Try out different combinations to find the best layout according to your habits.


    Organised & Versatile

    Keep everything in place during your work: colors, water, creams, needles, machine.


    Innovative, Revolutionary, Patented

    Take a step to the next level: the future is here!